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Went for Tea at The Ritz on a Friday afternoon at 5pm. Firstly, this place is seriously expensive as you would expect. 19 for a Gin and Tonic you can laugh paying whilst they laugh all the way to the bank. Also, bizarre attitude on photo taking not allowed to take photos adjacent to where you have tea; get in and have tea and take photos to your heart's content. Also, dress up nicely and watch scruffs (probably hotel residents) walk past you all the time. Anyway, despite inconsistencies, tea was nice, sandwiches, cakes, scones lovely. Waiter was nice but it does all feel very commercial and like a sausage factory. Special but could be more special. Glad I have done it anyway and we watched as my Father in Law paid the 230 bill!!!!!

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In 1995, he initiated the civil suit against the Omegas national organization and some of its local officers, saying they knew or should have known that pledges were being put at risk. The trial took place on July 8, 1997, and Snell was eventually awarded $375,000. It was a sad end to a story about a kid who had only been anxious to find friends and be part of an important black tradition..

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Nowadays history is distilled through so much media/technology crapola and the spin doctors are forgetting they aren't telling the truth what?

Follow him on Twitter and Facebook..

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You know, I don really know. Now, the answer is no and it a shame in my view. I feel so bad for the players who work their tails off to show the fans what they done all week and they want their support win or lose but when they getting to their seats after the game has started and leaves before it endsthat just not done at big time programs. And I sick to my stomach with some of the excuses for why they do what they do. (Italics mine)

The future of fashion is wrapped in hemp, soy, bamboo and old cashmere _ and it looks pretty darn good.

The new bloodshed the worst violence in the central city of Hama in months came despite the ceasefire that went into effect April 12.

Fashion loving women are given a bad rap. Women who love fashion (fabrics, designs, shopping) are likened to characters from "Clueless." The assumption is that you are into frivolities and the excitement surrounding fashion, but you don't have the brainpower to understand how it works as an industry. After all, the only reason a woman would have a fashion tech company is so she can receive discounts galore on a whole new wardrobe, right? Luckily, times are changing, and powerful women CEOs have shown that being put together and educated in fashion does not somehow decrease brain cell count..

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